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Favorite Products

Aloha kakou! Welcome to a taste temptation sponsored by a company whose goal is to maintain the highest quality of Hawaiian products and bring it straight to your doorstep. Akamai's Hawaii Store. By doing so, our goal enables us to spread the great taste of the islands to all of you. We, at Akamai's Hawaii Store cater to those natives who have since moved away, and crave the "island delicacies," and also to those individuals who have maybe tried some of the local favorites and want more, and lastly, to those of you who are willing to experience the "taste of aloha." An unforgettable experience at that.

Take a browse through, and see which of the products appeal to you. Briefly, we carry a myriad of assorted snacks, candies, cookies, fruit drinks, Kona coffee drinks, roasted Kona coffees, seeds, tropical dried fruits, tropical syrups, and more. As an added note, suggestions are always welcome. Please e-mail. If you did not find your "island favorite" and wish to see it incorporated into this site, feel free to e-mail us. Speak and be heard, you may see it in the future!
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